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Questions that question YOU from YOU - PART 2

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Questions that question YOU from YOU - PART 1

Sometimes we get too caught up in our every day lives that we tend to forget one of our most basic instincts as humans — to question.
And our lives have indeed become so easy and so simple, that we never get curious anymore. Thanks to the tech, obviously. After all, we are i the 21st century.
So, in this piece for you, I've got some questions to make you spark the plugs into your grey matter.(not the GRAY matter, its the grey matter)
Now what's the grey matter first ?
Grey matter contains most of the brain's neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control.
Enough for the intro, I guess.
So, here are the questions.
Q. Why do we all FEAR death ?
Q. What is REALITY ?
Q. Is our SOCIETY teaching us the WRONG things ?
Q. Is TIME only a concept made by humans ? Is it something we RESTRICT ourselves with ?
Q. Will the world ever be rid…

Northern Lights are INCREDIBLE but have you ever heard of the SOUTHERN LIGHTS ?

Southern lights are a thing !!! - The AURORA AUSTRALISWhat are the Southern Lights ?
Much have been said and done about the northern lights, so much so, that at times travellers have outnumbered the local population of Iceland. But we all seemed to have forgotten about its counterpart, Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights, with are just as soul-stirring, if not more.
So as winter comes to the southern hemisphere, these dancing curtains of lights come out to play. Just like their colorful comrades in the north, the Aurora Australis too is an aftermath of the collision of gaseous particles in the earth's atmosphere with electrically charged particles from the sun. The energy released from this collision takes place the form of the dramatic auroras.

Why are they so exciting ? While the aurora borealis only offers a green light during the northern light phenomenon, the southern lights entice you with a motley of colors - oranges, pinks, purples and gold. Of course, this ethereal wonder…

The Art of Getting What You Want

How to use confidence and technique to get what you want from life, your relationships and your career ?

This is something you all must have heard of already, but let's take it into some new perspective of the human mind. You all know what human minds are capable of. It can do whatever we think of, but for most of the time, it doesn't.
Talking about the term, "Law of Attraction" is something that says what you think of, you attract. And what you attract, you become. 
Although it's considered to be a pseudoscience, it teaches us an important lesson. "Like attracts like."
And I have mentioned it already...
Talking about the one word meaning for the heading, the term which suits it best is persuasion.
I agree, most of you know what it means but, we ain't here for that much only...
You read it and I write it because we all want something different from the ordinary perspective of the human mind.
But persuasion alone do not satisfy the hunger of knowing more abou…

Colour: A key to survival

White or Black
Now, a gentle reminder of "this is not on the violence America is facing at the moment."
We all know that a black guy named George Floyd was killed when in police custody and blah, blah, blah.

It's not about that okay. Today, we are going to talk about our perception of this thing which creates the difference between the white and the black. Well actually, these are only colors to us, but somehow, somewhere in the world, its just more than that - The Key to Survival or The Code of Life.

And the same type of consideration is here in our country too... yes, you may guess it right... the untouchables, or the dalits, or the harijans as they are mainly called in our country, the lower caste people.
Why does all this happens ? This question arises in many of the minds. 
For me, there's nothing like this now, I have evolved myself above this, but still something stops me approaching the help to any lower caste person, probably because my parents told me to do so. T…

Lessons I learnt from a RUBIK'S Cube

All of must have already patted our head on the rocks when solving this 3X3 mess. 
A 6 color problems many of us don't know even today how to solve. 
Meanwhile, in the midst of all things, I am here again to tell you about some lessons that I learnt from this thing while I solved it for the infinite times in the past 4 years.
Lesson 1 : Have a strong and a trustworthy foundation
Not only when we start something new, whether a work or a relationship, trust and strong foundations are always the foundation pillars for the thing. 
Just like in the rubik's cube, when we start solving that bloody mess, all we start with a perfect cross on a particular color(or a plus sign to be more specific), which symbolizes a good foundation. After all this is when we begin to put all the other things together.
Another thing is that, when we start building it, we learn that the centre of the colors only rotate about their position and not move through the cube. Now, here's the lesson from the thing…

Are YOU A... ?

Believer of Thoughts  OR   A Thinker of Believes 

Okay, so now, let me be clear by what I mean to ask ?
Everyone has one's own perspective and generally categorize people purely based on that perspective. 
One's own goods and bads are decided by that perspective only. And so, how does that perspective comes out of the subconscious ? 
This is where the concept of the question I asked herein comes handy.
I, although can differentiate people, on the basis of the condition I am in, or the way I want them to work/function in favour of me. Well, everybody does that right...
But still, we have something called the subconscious mind and that it functions in the daylight as well as the in the darkest hours of the dawn, it shapes us and the way we function.
And so, coming back to the question. The answer you will give to yourself, will be at the end of this blog and most probably in the comment section.
So, held up your head high in search of the answer of the question, because that's where…